How Much House Can I Afford?


This is a primary question and should also be coupled with two more questions; What should I afford and what can I not afford. In 2008 our nation experienced a devastating economic collapse which included our housing market. Much of this was blamed on the lending atmosphere and unscrupulous lending practices. Unfortunately, much of this could have been avoided.


Let your Buyer’s Agent guide you through the process of home ownership and the possible pitfalls to avoid. By understanding your situation and requirements, PCS Cash Back can recommend lenders that will provide you with the products and services to complete your transaction.


Interview several lenders and determine what the difference is between what each offers and also how they offer it. Once you have selected a lender, they will help you decide which loan program you might qualify for and what best fits your needs.


Your Buyer’s Agent is your advocate in assuring that you can purchase the right property at the right price and that you will have the opportunity to enjoy that property for years to come.